WEWE Technology Solution (wewetech) was formed on December, 2019 and acquired some companies, websites & brands (ALANOOD Computers Online Services LTD, ALANOOD Computers, ADDHABI.ae & SWALIF.ae) this acquisition elevated the company capabilities with 25 yeas of accumulative experience  and more than 130 expert.

wewetech is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises, SMEs and technology challengers. We help businesses elevate their value through custom software development, product design, QA and consultancy services.

We can help to maintain and modernize your IT infrastructure and solve various infrastructure-specific issues a business may face.

Our Services

We deliver services & products in many different verticals, also we have alliances with many globally recognized technology & services providers

  1. Web and Application Development

    We offer complete, end-to-end services, for Business Allication & Smartphone Application development both on Apple iOS, Android, and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile environment.

    With more than a decade of experience in the Mobile environment, we can be your strategic partner in leveraging this dynamic mobile world towards increased business efficiency and effectiveness.

    Our expertise and knowledge of Mobile technology, together with in-depth research of your domain and the passion to excel, ensure that we will deliver powerful and productive mobile applications for your business. It is not just our knowledge of Smartphone Application development, the factor that sets us apart is our approach towards a new project. Our development team ensure that we understand your application in detail not just from a technical perspective, but also appreciating the business end of it, thus delivering a winning smartphone app.

    Since the world claims a cost-effective and cross-platform mobile app development solution, HTML 5 is shaping to take the center stage in the future

    HTML5 Apps, also often referred to as web apps, are becoming the medium of choice for most enterprises as they strive to reach as much audience as possible in an economical way without having to spend a fortune on building native apps for each platform. While HTML 5 apps are great for covering a wider base, the hard fact is that they are not as polished as a native mobile app, and that’s where WEWE Technology Solution offers a solution for cross platform mobile app development that integrates native finesse with the cost efficiency of HTML 5 app development. These hybrid apps are developed with a mix of HTML 5 and native technology to create native mobile apps for all the platforms at much lesser cost.

    The choice of technology is a key element behind the success of any App development project. With our solid understanding of the overall enterprise mobility and app development space our teams are uniquely positioned to evaluate your requirements and guide you to choose the right platform. Our view of project development extends well beyond the completion of the initial development. In particular we support our customer during deployment, upgrade path and maintenance to provide them with a full application life cycle development.

  2. Web and Data Hosting

    Established in 2004, WEWE Technology Solution owns  ADDHABI which operates multiple T3 Data Centres, delivering Managed and Dedicated Server Hosting Services, and website hosting through reliable infrastructure, 24/7 support, and guaranteed uptime. We are also one of the leading managed services providers and web hosting companies in MENA to offer credit based Service Level Agreements. ADDHABI is one of the pioneers in the region to introduce hosted Managed Private Cloud solutions and an online portal for Public Cloud services. Website hosting in MENA is challenging and hence we are also one of the leading Web Hosting companies in MENA to offer services which are parallel to none. We are certified to ISO 9001 / 20000 / 22301 / 27001. ADDHABI obtained Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) STAR Certification, becoming the 1st company in the region to achieve this. We are also certified to PCI-DSS

  3. ICT Consultancy

    As a one of market leaders in enterprise IT consulting with 2 decades of experience, IT consulting services are an integral part of consulting. the target of seeking IT consulting services is to stay updated and competitive in the marketplace as per the most recent technology trends. twenty first century businesses homeowners are typically seen checking out such services for adding worth to your business. Most of the time, they trust IT consulting companies as a result of their professionals understand the simplest attainable ways that of optimizing existing infrastructures installed by their clients. They advise their clients regarding the ways that they’ll best use their existing IT infrastructure.

    An information technology consultant servicer provides recommendation, guidelines and a road map for sourcing, utilizing and managing IT assets and resources. an IT consultant provides organizations with best practices for using IT solutions and services for your business objectives and in solving your problems.   Regardless of whether you have committed IT staff, attempting to discover and execute each IT arrangement that serves your business needs can turn out to be expensive and occupy you from your center work. In the event that you have ever had a go at dealing with the majority of your own IT needs you realize it can prompt an inadequately performing, overrated mess that causes a bigger number of cerebral pains than it fathoms. Sooner or later, you have understood that to keep your business running productively you need outside IT help. Be that as it may, when you have searched for assistance from other IT counseling and administrations organizations you have been met with out of this world costs combined with poor, messy and absentminded administration. If you are searching for totally overseen arrangements, master direction on an IT anticipate or simply additional help and bolster we can fill your needs. We furnish experts with the absolute most elevated amount of involvement in the field. Our designers have a normal of more than 25 years of counseling background each with giving inventive arrangements custom-made to every customer’s individual business needs. Our administrations and arrangements are specially custom fitted to your present business needs and to line up with your vital destinations. How we Process We do this by getting to personally know your IT condition and business forms so we will instinctively know your needs and what arrangements work best for them. With this learning, our master designers and advisors will enable you to keep your IT condition fully operational easily with every minute of every day bolster 365 days a year. With our help administrations, you will just converse with experienced specialists who have point by point learning of your organization’s IT condition and can help you rapidly resolve any issue immediately!. Why WEWE Technology Solution?  

    • More than two decades of service excellence in the U.A.E
    • Virtual Assistant provides quick support to all AMC customers
    • Named engineers provide expert support remotely and onsite
    • Certified and experienced support engineers
    • Affiliated to all major global OEMs
    • Well defined escalation matrix
    • Dedicated account managers
    • 24/7 on-site critical support
    • Online ticketing system
    • Knowledge sessions
  4. Professional Services

    Our dedicated teams have comprehensive solution and vendor specific expertise and WEWE Technology Solution always ensures that the right personnel are assigned to each project that we partner. We ensure the highest levels of compatibility between your requirements and the expertise we harness to deliver the highest standards in:

    • Consultancy
    • Planning and Pre-Engagement Preparation
    • Low Level Design
    • Deployment
    • Testing and Verification
    • After Implementation Support Services
    • Training

    Our teams include project managers, engineers, consultants, and support professionals who help take the stress off our customers, in the implementation and adoption of innovative technologies, in the course of their digital transformation.

    Our Comprehensive Professional Services provide our clients with the highest standards in:

    Expertise: across vendor portfolios, technology integration, and digital transformation. Our technical skills are our core strength. Our team of highly qualified engineers – certified from all our vendor partners – deliver up-to-date expertise in the latest solutions, so your digital journey is optimal and painless.

    Capabilities: Our technical and real world experience gives our teams the ability to be highly effective across the gamut of different industry verticals and sectors.

    Accountability: We deliver dependable long term results for complex projects and solutions, while mitigating risk. Our adherence to best practices is a commitment that is evident in our delivery of state of the art projects.

    Flexibility: Our operations engage with the parameters and processes that work for your business needs, by leveraging our diverse expertise and global reach.

    Results: Our operational history is a testament to our ability to lead change and deliver on time.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted digital solutions partner for our customers to deliver business excellence

Our Mission

Empowering and transforming businesses through modern technology

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1100Graphic Designs