In the latest move to continually increase choice and flexibility to provide our clients with variety of security solutions, early this month WEWETECH announced a new strategic partnership with Malwarebytes for deeper cooperation to cross promote their flagship products of malwarebytesr security suite . By giving customers recommendation for their Antivirus, Anti Malware, Anti Ransomware ..etc tools, this partnership will provide special discounts for WEWETECH Clients.

About malwarebytes:

Malwarebytes Inc. was informally established in 2004.[4] CEO and founder Marcin Kleczynski, originally from Poland, was still a teenager attending high school in Bensenville, Illinois at the time, and was working as a technician in a computer repair shop in Chicago.[5] He noticed that whenever infected computers arrived, they would generally reformat the computer, regardless if the infection was only minor. It was only when his mother’s computer became infected that Kleczynski learned more about why the virus wasn’t directly attacked, finding that neither McAfee nor Symantec would remove the malware from his system.[6] He later recalled “I’ve never been as angry as when I got my computer infected”, and professed that his mother told him to fix it “under penalty of death”.[7] It was only after Kleczynski posted on the forum SpywareInfo, popular at the time, that he was able to learn how to cure it, which took three days. The company was unofficially founded after this, when Kleczynski conversed and became friends with several of the editors of the forum, who tempted him to buy an unused domain from them.[6]