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New Strategic Partnership Announced with AOMEI

In the latest move to continually increase choice and flexibility to help customers to solve their problems, early this month WEWETECH announced a new strategic partnership with AOMEI for deeper cooperation to cross promote their flagship products of AOMEI Backupper . By giving customers recommendation for their backup and disaster recovery tool, this partnership will provide expanded access to the products of both side.



AOMEI is an up-and-coming software company founded in 2009. As a freeware-based company, AOMEI is striving to make 81% of the users free to use their products. With professional and reliable support service, AOMEI products are favored by users around the world. Today AOMEI solutions are available worldwide through a global network of service providers, distributors and resellers. AOMEI continued to grow and develop while bearing in mind their mission - Always Keep Global Data Safer, and dedicated to let billion of users benefit from AOMEI Products, and make AOMEI become the industry benchmark.

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