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We offer complete, end-to-end services, for Business Allication & Smartphone Application development both on Apple iOS, Android, and Microsoft's Windows Mobile environment.

With more than a decade of experience in the Mobile environment, we can be your strategic partner in leveraging this dynamic mobile world towards increased business efficiency and effectiveness.

Our expertise and knowledge of Mobile technology, together with in-depth research of your domain and the passion to excel, ensure that we will deliver powerful and productive mobile applications for your business. It is not just our knowledge of Smartphone Application development, the factor that sets us apart is our approach towards a new project. Our development team ensure that we understand your application in detail not just from a technical perspective, but also appreciating the business end of it, thus delivering a winning smartphone app.

Since the world claims a cost-effective and cross-platform mobile app development solution, HTML 5 is shaping to take the center stage in the future

HTML5 Apps, also often referred to as web apps, are becoming the medium of choice for most enterprises as they strive to reach as much audience as possible in an economical way without having to spend a fortune on building native apps for each platform. While HTML 5 apps are great for covering a wider base, the hard fact is that they are not as polished as a native mobile app, and that’s where WEWE Technology Solution offers a solution for cross platform mobile app development that integrates native finesse with the cost efficiency of HTML 5 app development. These hybrid apps are developed with a mix of HTML 5 and native technology to create native mobile apps for all the platforms at much lesser cost.

The choice of technology is a key element behind the success of any App development project. With our solid understanding of the overall enterprise mobility and app development space our teams are uniquely positioned to evaluate your requirements and guide you to choose the right platform. Our view of project development extends well beyond the completion of the initial development. In particular we support our customer during deployment, upgrade path and maintenance to provide them with a full application life cycle development.

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